In the spirit of the holiday season, here are 10 ornaments that can gay up your Christmas tree – Just in case it isn’t gay enough already.

1. Make America gay again, why don’t ya?

(Amazon, $8.99)

2. Just in case you’re obsessed with Unicorns

(Amazon, $6.99)

3. Got marriage equality?

(Amazon, $18.95)

4. Dreaming of mermaids?

(Amazon, $35.95)

5. Story of my life gurl

(Amazon, $14.95)

6. Santa is queer and he needs a beer (Or so it seems)

(Amazon, $65.00)

7. If you are trying to give him a hint

(Amazon, $14.97)

8. One for the gay patriots

(Amazon, $6.99)

9. Don’t be a drag, just be the Queen of everything

(Amazon, $24.98)

10. And one to support the Trans

(Amazon, $8.99)