As ‘AHS: CULT’ is ending, it’s time to thank Ryan Murphy for the best gift he has ever given us – Evan Peters. Sure, AHS is a great show, but with no Evan, we would probably change the channel a long time ago. Here are 10 times Evan made us look down and wonder: What is that wetness we feel down there?

1. Pretty much every time Tate was being emotional on ‘AHS: Murder House’

2. When we first saw him naked on ‘AHS: Asylum’

3. And that time we saw his delicious bubble butt, on ‘AHS: Coven’

4. Oh, and then there’s this random picture:

5. And the time Jessica Lang Spanked Him On ‘AHS: Asylum’

6. And this Gay kiss scene in ‘AHS: Cult’

7. And the time he was having sex in ‘AHS: Asylum’


8. And the time he did his girlfriend and let us watch on ‘AHS: Coven’

9. Oh, and there was that time he kissed this black guy on ‘AHS: Roanoke’

10. And finally, remember that kissing scene from ‘AHS: Cult’? Well, there was a sex scene too… Enjoy: